Ah but first, a brief history of games I've played :) One method that I have always used in the past to relax is playing games.  I love everything about them.  Even though I began years ago as a console gamer, playing systems like atari (yes, I'm old), nintendo, playstation one, game cube, and gameboy.  I was the one that was completely excited when Nintendo created a color version of their Gameboy system (insane)!  I eventually migrated to playing PC games, my first being Diablo II for the PC. Years ago, I started playing World of Warcraft with my ex boyfriend and I had a ton of fun in cooperative gameplay in PVE.  As with any MMO, it is really difficult to be a casual player, usually the game content and social aspects pulls you in making you want to play more and more.  Well, I didn't have much free time so I decided to quit playing. Then enter League of Legends.  League is  a MOBA and is still one of my favorite games and I still play on a regular basis.  What I liked about League is the gameplay but also the ability to play a game or two without a ton of time commitment (for us casual players).  This fit lovely in my schedule because with school and work, I needed something to play that I didn't feel like I needed to put a ton of time into.
My New Addiction: Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

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