It has been almost a year...  I have to say that this is the longest that I have ever gone without updating my blog.  I could say that I became very busy in the past year, as I finished out the final year of my degree program while working full time.  I could say that life just became a whirlwind as I got a new job, graduated, and moved to a new place.  I could say that I barely knew what sleep was as I pushed myself far past the limits of what I thought I was ever capable of before.  Each of these statements would be true, but none of them would really capture why I have neglected to write a blog update. The Truth... I'm going to toss aside the concrete reasons and jump into something that's a little more wishy washy. I felt as though there were many fragments and nothing substantial that I wanted to write about.  I became super critical of the topics that were coming across my mind as I filtered through the euphoria and frustrations that came with finally snagging a job in my desired field.  With many situations happening rapidly, I realized that there were many fluctuating thoughts, so much so, that my blog would seem like the title should be changed to: The Chronicles of an Indecisive Person.  Indecision has never been an issue for me, in fact decisiveness is one of my best qualities, so I had to chalk the temporary change to being a product of changing careers.  I guess I have been feeling the growing pains of moving into a new career and a new field, and I have wholeheartedly loved every second of the journey. Catching Up...  A lot has happened in the past year so I'm going to run through it in a few sentences.  I snagged an interview with a tech company, was hired as an intern; short time later I was hired as a Software Engineer.  I graduated Summa Cum Laude and just recently I moved into a new place.  Over the year, I've added quite a bit of technology to my toolkit, but above all else, I feel a sense of purpose in what I do and that's a great feeling. So, what now?  I won't make promises on updating my blog regularly, but I do have a list of interesting topics that I'd like to chime in on.  I'm currently working on a side project in Python with the purposes of really getting into different libraries and frameworks that Python has to offer.  This project is just a fun nerd project to sharpen skills and deepen knowledge, so I can see myself writing a bit about that as the project progresses.  I also plan to share my thoughts around Machine Learning, because that just fascinates me so very much.
A Long Overdue Update

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